How To Choose A Course If You’re Not Sure What You Want To Do

You are in your last year at school and will be leaving soon and you can’t decide what career to move into. If you are a person who has a broad interest in many things, then you may want to try a generalist degree.

This is a degree for first year study that covers options but does not commit to a certain specialisation. It allows studies into a number of degrees and give a student time to decide which one they are more interested in. In your second year, you will be able to choose to do a major subject or perhaps specialise in a certain area by way of the postgraduate degree safe pass course dublin city centre.

This can also coincide with work related to what you are studying to get necessary experience in a particular field. Some of these fields offer internships and cadetships of a part time nature. Having work related to your studies also helps in your career choice.

Other choices than university where you are not interested in several years of study are through certificate courses which can be from six months to a full-time study program. This type of study give you an idea of what a particular career choice involves and whether it interest you enough to continue with studies in this area. Continuing on in a chosen study may help with credits towards a bachelor degree in a similar field of study. Single units of study can also be credited when choosing to complete a study in a particular field.

Another option is to take a gap year. This means that you don’t start a career study choice in the year following leaving year 12. It may give you time to decide what you are really interested in studying.




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